What I Do

Are you a parent struggling to get excellent GCSE science tutoring?

Do you worry poor exam results could affect your child’s future career potential?
Do you worry poor exam results could affect your child’s future career potential?
How would you feel if your child was getting the best unique tutoring, to secure exam success?
How would you feel if your child was prepared and confident for the exams?

If you would like this to be a reality I can help.

I provide a unique package of study. I cover all content, specific required scientific skills, new revision materials and intensive, effective online revision.


Content delivered in video tutorials with accompanying structured worksheets


Exam style practice questions to consolidate your learning


Difficult subjects are broken down into manageable steps


Weekly contact via zoom to answer any questions and provide support


Intensive revision with past paper style questions to secure top grades

My courses range from £745 to £995 per GCSE and I offer three courses for the price of two.

Why choose me?

As a child I struggled in education due to poor teaching, poor self-belief and lack of parental direction. When I went to secondary school I began to flourish and developed a lifelong love of learning. I became a teacher.

As a science consultant I faced daily frustrations due to inadequate teaching, poor behaviour and lack of enthusiasm of students. This was my pivotal moment and I developed my online science business so that I can deliver quality teaching to students who want to learn.

My experience and knowledge of exam structure allows me to get the best results. Students like my style of delivery; humorous and to the point. I break the content down into small manageable chunks to reduce overwhelm.

With the new school year around the corner and only 25 places per course on offer, it is time to take action to reserve your place.

See what the leaders in education are saying about me here.

My Philosophy

I understand the importance of students attaining the highest GCSE grades to secure the best outcome for their future. I am committed to providing a first class service that meets the needs of the students and allows them to accelerate their progress, reduce their stress and build  confidence in the subjects. 

My Goals

It is my goal to provide a service to accelerate the achievement of each student in their GCSE subjects.

With an emphasis on past paper style questions unique to my courses, revision techniques including walking talking mocks and online support students will gain the top grades.

S.C.A.R.P – My Five Pillars Of Learning

My unique Five Pillars Of Learning provide a comprehensive, proven method of raising progress.

My pillars include:


Science and mathematical skills

10  – 30% Of each science exam focus on mathematical skills, 40% on scientific ideas and enquiry techniques and procedures. I provide step-by-step learning of these skills to maximise learning and reduce stress. 


Content knowledge

Each GCSE course covers a wide variety of  content. Not only will I present the content but I will provide tips and methods of learning it. Each module will include a variety of questions to test your knowledge base. 


Application of knowledge

Up to 40% of each of the examinations test your ability to apply your knowledge. This is often seen as the most difficult skill to master and thus there will be a focus on this style of questioning and how to gain the highest grades in them.



Revision is a vital part of the course and I will provide both techniques and new unseen materials to support this element. 



Apart from past-paper styled questions accompanying each module, I provide live, intensive tutorials in the form of a ‘walking-talking’ mock; a walk through of each question to show how to maximise your marks.


Flagship Membership Courses £995

My flagship membership courses give you a step-by-step approach to guide you through each topic, be it biology, chemistry, physics, double, combined or iGCSE science.

Your video tutorials, guided worksheets and past exam practice questions keep you motivated throughout the course. I break down the difficult subjects into small steps to help you understand each concept at a time.

But I don't leave it to chance. I meet online once a week see how you are doing, answer any questions and make sure you are getting the best from the courses.

You are able to join all my masterclasses that I hold through the year to develop your confidence, skills and exam techniques. 

A structured three month revision programme running from mid February to May prepares you fully for your exams.

I provide the ultimate system to maximise your results and at the same time keep your requried effort to a minimum. You will no longer feel overwhelmed by your impending exams.

Group Online Lessons £795

Group online learning may be the way forward for many. Students logon to access a live tutorial, which is interactive and relevant to the course they are completing. 

Students are able to ask questions and are supported with additional material to provide examination practice. 

The topics cover the complete requirements of the GCSE being taken including each of the three main elements, knowledge and application of scientific fundamentals, scientific practical skills and scientific mathematical skills.

From a simple and reliable online platform students are able to join the class from anywhere. and a copy of each of the tutorials will be sent after the lesson.

You will have access to my online masterclasses and revision classes to develop your confidence, skills and exam techniques.

These courses suit those who like to feel part of a group and prefer lessons delivered by a teacher rather than working independently. 


Online Courses £745

Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSE are organised into modules. You will have access to a learning platform and all the lessons that make up each of the modules.

Lessons are divided into two parts, a video tutorial and a guided worksheet to complete whilst watching the tutorial.

This convenient way of studying allows you to work at your own pace. 

You will have access to revision materials and masterclasses designed to develop your skills and knowledge.

Those best suited for this method of learning are those who are motivated and happy to work independently.

Tutor support is offered via email.


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