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GCSE grades can shape your future, from university choices to careers.  

I’m Laura McSharry and I can help you achieve your goals.

I love teaching science and developing knowledge, skills and exam techniques. 

I have been employed as a science consultant for the last three years and am responsible for raising the standards of teaching in science. I love working with students to develop their confidence and abilities in the subject.

My years of working as Head of Department and Senior Leader has provided me with the experience to understand students as individuals with different learning needs and styles. Working online with small groups or individuals allows me to identify missing gaps in knowledge and skills and focus on these to support academic attainment and build strong self esteem.

Working online is the most convenient way to support students outside of the classroom.

Some students prefer one-to-one tuition that can be arranged at a convenient time. Other students choose to take an online short course that is topic based and therefore they are able to choose appropriately to meet their needs. Online courses allow students to decide when they complete the lessons, some prefer to binge learn whilst others take a more spaced out approach.

My small online classrooms allow students to interact with me during my sessions. This allows misunderstandings or gaps in knowledge to be addressed immediately. I include study notes or guides with many of the courses.

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