Anger at untrained staff use

Whole terms of unqualified subject replacements.
Risk of schools being forced to close one day a week? And that’s OK?

As a parent of three, I felt more than anger when my child had missed learning opportunities through lack of teacher availability. I felt
• Sick with worry, they were being disadvantaged.
• Guilty, I was not protecting them from social unfairness
• Guilty, I couldn’t afford the education that I wanted for them.

Is Online Tutoring a Solution for You?

I became a teacher and now help to break down the barriers to first class education through tutoring online.

Tutoring online provides:
• Affordable way to get the academic benefits of a private education
• Specialist teachers
• Bespoke classes
• Materials developed by experts
• Immediate correction of student misconceptions
• Critical study and revision skills

And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Using a variety of delivery systems students are able to engage fully with content and access extra materials to support their learning.

We all want our children to do well and feel proud to give our children the best start in life.  And it starts with a first class education. As a teacher-parent I was able to tutor my children to boost their grades. What will you do?

Well prepared students grow in confidence and anxiety over exams reduces. The impact on university choices and future careers is lifelong. Can parents risk the impact the teacher shortages create? I’m concerned children will not get a fair chance in their exams and those from a lower socio-economical background may fair worse.

In developing my business I choose to support science education and give children get a fair chance to gain the best grades. This is a popular new interactive process and is both practical and inexpensive. Children are now the masters of technology and often prefer this method of learning. They are able to study at their convenience and on any device that connects to the internet. Facebook ‘lives’ are the latest craze and numbers posting in this way have gone crazy. The use this technology to engage students and interact with them from the comfort of their own homes is definitely the way forward.

Are you worried about your child’s education? Let me know. If this is something you would like a chat about drop me a line and we can arrange a call.


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