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Flagship Membership Courses

Do you need more support, better teaching or a more strategic approach to nail those level nine grades?

The membership courses provide a step-by-step approach to guide you through your course.

Your video tutorials, guided worksheets and past exam practice questions keeps you motivated throughout the course. 

I don’t leave your success to chance, I contact you regularly to make sure you are getting the best from the courses. You can join me for my masterclasses and take part in my carefully planned three month revision package.

I provide the ultimate system to bring you the best results with the least amount of effort. I reduce workload and improve the rate of learning. You will no longer overwhelmed by your impending exams. 

Group Lessons Online

Group lessons are a cost effective way to complete your GCSE science course online. 

You will learn knowledge and understanding of scientific fundamentals, application of scientific methods and skills and the required mathematical elements.


In addition to your online classes you will have access to unseen revision materials and live, intensive tutorials, including ‘walking-talking’ mock examination practice using newly designed materials developed by experts.

Online Courses

You may choose to complete a GCSE in biology, chemistry or physics and will work your way through them module by module. Each module will have new exam styled questions for you to complete and a mark scheme for you to fully understand how you gain the maximum marks.

This flexible method of learning will enable you to study at your own pace and is accessible anywhere where you have access to Wifi

You will cover all the required elements of the examination and will be provided with access to live, intensive tutorials and revision classes.

On completing each module you will be given access to additional revision material to support your optimal progress and success in each area.

What People Are Saying About My Successes In Raising Achievement

Laura is a fantastic teacher with so much enthusiasm for her subject. She has a special ability to inspire young people and instil them with confidence to tackle their science exams. She knows the specifications inside out and plans lessons accordingly. She has a proven track record in securing exam successes in all different contexts for her students. Laura is utterly reliable and someone I always call when I need a teacher to provide that extra support for students preparing for their GCSEs.

Alex Russell

CEO, Bourne Education Trust 'BET'

Laura has supported our Key Stage 4 students in the run-up to the public examinations. She has supported the whole ability range of students and they have always responded favourably. Laura has also worked with our science teachers and supported their ongoing professional development.

Steve Prive

Executive Leader and Executive Headteacher, Bourne Education Trust

I have worked with Laura in two Bourne Education Trust schools, as a senior leader and as a consultant for middle leaders and newly qualified teachers. Her enthusiasm to the teaching profession is exceptional both in and outside the classroom. Students truly respond to her inspirational teaching. Strategically she is clear on what needs to be put in place to show maximum impact for both staff and students. Her personal qualities of resilience, focus to detail and drive to succeed are infectious with the staff and teams she works with.

Mark Conroy

Head of School, Jubilee High School

Laura is an extremely experienced professional with a proven record of success in GCSE examinations, a thorough knowledge of the three sciences and a natural with students of all abilities. Whether she is rekindling a lost confidence, explaining some of the more fundamental elements of science or stretching the most able to achieve the top grades, Laura engages and enthuses her students to do their very best.

Mary Gould

Headteacher, The Matthew Arnold School


Anxiety in teenagers

Anxiety in teenagers: a scary phenomenon

The pressure on students doing GCSEs

As a youngster, I suffered times of darkness brought on by specific times of difficulty my family faced. The youth of today face far more stressful situations and challenges to their mental health.

I recently gave a masterclass aimed at teenagers completing their GCSEs. I asked them to complete a poll telling me what their main struggles were. The result was a 50:50 split between managing their workload and the feeling of overwhelm due to the pressure of their studies.

Pressure is passed from the school to the student

We are simply transferring to students the inordinate pressure many now feel in the workplace. This isn’t a healthy situation and it doesn’t have to be like this. A recent post shared by Birendra Agarwal showed how Sweden has a much healthier work-life balance. Only 1% of the workforce work more than 50 hours a week and most of the day being spent on leisure, eating or exercise.

In schools teachers are awarded for good result. The pressure on the school to get the results leads to teachers being over observed and critiqued. Pressure is loaded on teachers and is translated to pressure on students and the cycle builds. The more competitive schools have to be, to prevent a poor outcome, and therefore be deemed unfit, the more pressure builds on teachers to do well, and this of course is transferred to students.

The upshot is that teenagers are anxious and overwhelmed and this is reflected in:

  • poor behaviour
  • lack of sleep
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • panic attacks
  • weight loss or gain
  • poor self esteem
  • self harming

As a parent and a teacher these manifestations are scary and the knowledge of how to manage them limited.

It’s time to change

We now have to figure out ways to reduce this cycle of stress, that leads to anxiety, if we are to give our children a happy healthy start in life. And it has to start at the top. This means we must find a different way to get the best out of schools without their being this fear of judgement being transferred into a fear of failure.

I have met one or two headteachers who have the right disposition and morale stance to build cohesive environments. But I’ve met several who don’t. We need to actively seek leaders who are fit for the job and build cooperation built on mutual respect and permeate every layer of a school.

Anxiety in our young

Change The Game

Change The Game

How a chance encounter changed my learning path

As a youngster I didn’t have a love of learning, in fact, learning was the last thing on my mind. I was a shocking speller and even worse with my written grammar. My biggest claim to fame was being one of the few who mastered the art of swapping tenses mid-sentence without a whiff of awareness!

At the age of ten my teacher snatched my well-worn, cigarette smelling book from my rickety old wooden desk and use it to demonstrate to the class where not to use the words ‘there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’. And, as if that wasn’t enough of an ego bashing, she moved on to the face-reddening ‘to’, ‘two’ and ‘too’ scenarios.

I took it! Felt it was my idiocy to blame! I braved the embarrassment as afterall it was my fault. Rather than playing out in the streets like an urchin I should have read more, practiced writing more, treasured my school work more act more like the smart kids.

You don’t get points for popularity but it’s more fun!

Despite this I loved school and I was popular and funny. My classmates honoured me by voting for me to be May Queen, the top award given to girls at their primary school back in the day. Oh yes, I was Queen of the May and delighted in advising my three older siblings.

Having segued to secondary school and started at the lower end of the pile school remained a happy place for me. I found myself at the top of the classes and was entered for my maths ‘O’ level a year early.

Would you believe it these posh girls know a thing or two

It was here that I chanced to sit near one of the ‘posh’ girls. She clearly had a different upbringing to me, bathed every day, smelt clean, had an immaculate uniform and a proper leather tan satchel. She asked me why I didn’t keep my book neat, and I was a bit burned by this. Never had I considered the merits of a neat book. Proceeding to showing me her perfectly manicured book I felt a bit stupid!

Well it got me thinking, what would it feel like if I kept my book like that? Damn right it would feel amazing and so I did. To this day my books are neat and I’m an organisation freak. But I was changed. From this day on I started to enjoy making neat notes and taking more pride in my work. This led me to engage more with the teachers and learning.

This lesson wasn’t really about my book, it was about how I made a change. It taught me about the capacity to change with just a slight change in mindset. I believe, as teachers, the most powerful tool in our arsenals is to change a students self belief.

So the point of these idle rantings is that we can teach our youngsters futures. Small changes can have a great impact on their lives.

I am passionate to help students take control of their learning and understand that just because they haven’t always known how to engage it doesn’t mean they can’t. To be a successful learner takes motivation, resilience, self-belief and some simple strategies.

It only takes one step to start this change.


No Teachers to Teach our Children!

No Teachers to Teach our Children!

Anger at untrained staff use

Whole terms of unqualified subject replacements.
Risk of schools being forced to close one day a week? And that’s OK?

As a parent of three, I felt more than anger when my child had missed learning opportunities through lack of teacher availability. I felt
• Sick with worry, they were being disadvantaged.
• Guilty, I was not protecting them from social unfairness
• Guilty, I couldn’t afford the education that I wanted for them.

Is Online Tutoring a Solution for You?

I became a teacher and now help to break down the barriers to first class education through tutoring online.

Tutoring online provides:
• Affordable way to get the academic benefits of a private education
• Specialist teachers
• Bespoke classes
• Materials developed by experts
• Immediate correction of student misconceptions
• Critical study and revision skills

And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Using a variety of delivery systems students are able to engage fully with content and access extra materials to support their learning.

We all want our children to do well and feel proud to give our children the best start in life.  And it starts with a first class education. As a teacher-parent I was able to tutor my children to boost their grades. What will you do?

Well prepared students grow in confidence and anxiety over exams reduces. The impact on university choices and future careers is lifelong. Can parents risk the impact the teacher shortages create? I’m concerned children will not get a fair chance in their exams and those from a lower socio-economical background may fair worse.

In developing my business I choose to support science education and give children get a fair chance to gain the best grades. This is a popular new interactive process and is both practical and inexpensive. Children are now the masters of technology and often prefer this method of learning. They are able to study at their convenience and on any device that connects to the internet. Facebook ‘lives’ are the latest craze and numbers posting in this way have gone crazy. The use this technology to engage students and interact with them from the comfort of their own homes is definitely the way forward.

Are you worried about your child’s education? Let me know. If this is something you would like a chat about drop me a line and we can arrange a call.


Online Tutoring: How to support you’re child’s secondary education

Online Tutoring: How to support you’re child’s secondary education

Online Tutoring The Way Forward

The resignation deadline for teachers wanting to leave at the end of this school year is only a few days away, leaving management to contemplate their recruitment strategy. As the retention crisis increases to it’s all time high, much time and effort is put in to getting teachers to sign up before the new year. Strategies such as golden handshakes, higher renumeration and recruiting in non-UK English speaking countries has its problems.

A high staff turnover and lack of teachers has results in the recruitment of teachers from Ireland and Australia. These countries have a glut of teachers and so competition to find first jobs is high. Teachers come to gain experience and give themselves a competitive edge against those who have no experience. This British experience is highly valued as teaching in the UK is known to be challenging, not least due to the increasing poor behaviour. Comments such as ‘we are here to cut our teeth’ and ‘if you can teach in England you can teach anywhere’ are not uncommon, even if misleading.

Recruitment from non-UK countries

This external recruitment all seems a good idea but often the fall out is hefty. Many teachers drop out due to being inadequately trained or experienced to manage our classroom environments. With the current audit heavy culture, the regular verbal abuse by ill-disciplined students and the lack of support, due to limited resources, many of these teachers are broken by the end of the first half-term. Their visions of a harmonious, respectful environment shattered and their spirits down. And what happens next? Some will dig deep and find their resolve, whilst others will fall by the wayside and return to whence they came.

The recruitment cycle begins again. However, in the mean time, students are provided with cover work and supervised by cover teachers. The work is often inadequate and not challenging. The lack of specialist teacher means the students can’t ask questions or have misconceptions corrected.

If the teacher survive the year and perhaps another one for good measure, they soon return to their native country with the edge of having survived the British school experience. Of course, this does nothing to improve learning and behaviour in our schools. The disruption is telling on students. Inconsistency in quality of lessons brings about frustration and resentment from students and their parents.

The costs of experienced teachers

The market position of ‘good’ teachers, particularly in high demand subjects, pushes renumeration costs up. It is not unusual for schools to spend 95% of their budgets on wages, leaving little left for the upkeep and repair of buildings and a pittance for resources such as books and technology.

To ensure your child gets a good education

Recently we heard that cash strapped schools could close one day a week to reduce running costs. And what is the future for our children’s education? The quality of education will affect the universities our children attends and their career choices. What can we do to ensure our children get good grades in their GCSE’s? Online tutoring is the way forward. As a response to demand, experienced teachers are turning to teaching online using simple technology.

How does it work?

There are a variety of ways teachers can tutor online:

  1. Online classrooms
  2. Webinars 
  3. Online courses for students to access from home
  4. One-to-one online tutoring

Simple technology in the form of apps and platforms take just two minutes to downloaded from the internet and can be loaded onto iPads, Macs, or PC’s. This allows teacher and student to interact and answer questions, pose questions and discuss individual learning needs.

For more information about your child’s secondary education and to learn about services available to you, sign up to ‘Parents of Secondary School Children’ a free Facebook group for parents who want to receive updates, news and ideas on how to support their children at school. Better still, click on the website link for latest offers and services available.


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